Self-Healing Class

Every week we meet on zoom to move and meditate. 

The class changes weekly to assist your physical health.

Self Healing is about finding your edge. 

A combination class which includes flowing sequences inspired by Qi Gong movements and martial arts.

Back when the story began as a young martial artist we trained four times a week and practiced the medicine side of the arts once a week. Qigong, which originates from martial arts, was used as part of our warm up before we rolled around the floor and swung our samurai swords at each other.

Self-healing takes the stress out of exercise. Flowing movements for a supple body and mindful talk for the wellbeing of your mind, will lead you into a state of pure bliss. An hour of a holistic exercise, covering top to toe mobility and toning.

All levels and health aware individuals are welcome to join with an investment of £7 per class, paid for in 4  week bookings or drop in for £10 a class.

Self-Healing Class