Sarah Peel Japanese Acupunture Serving The Chalfonts
Sarah Peel is a highly qualified japanese acupuncturist with over 7 years practical experience

Based in Rickmansworth
Providing treatment for clients from Little Chalfont & Chalfont St Peter and surrounding towns and villages

A Holistic approach as to why you are suffering with pain and/or any condition
 Able to treat, change and/or cure E.g Frozen Shoulder, Diabetes, High/Low Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol
 Any Pain ( Back, Neck, Knee, Hip, Leg, Tooth etc) Fatigue, Whole body ache, Irritability, Eczema, Asthma, PMS/PMT
 Insomnia and many more!

Please allow 80-90 minutes for your first session

What You Recieve
 Acupuncture (alternatives available if necessary) 
Spine and Joint Correction, Visceral  Massage 
(Checking and draining of the stomach,Liver, ICV, Houston, Large Intestine)
 Advice on Herbal Medicine (if necessary) Remedial Exercises and Nutrition Advice.