• Qi Gong and Meditation

    Qi Gong is to move with integrity, to move with the breath and with your mind in the present. 

    Learn to feel your body, the tension that we put it through and understand the patterns that restrict your physiological and psychology pathways.

    When you can feel if your body is relaxed or under strain you'll be able to influence your mind and body in a positive way, being gifted with a pain free life. 

    Pain is your bodies way of asking you to do something to help. Learn how to help your body with Qi Gong and meditation. 

  • How to have and keep a positive mindset

    Stepping outside our comfort zone positively impacts the mind. When you undertake an activity you are not familiar with an increase in adrenaline will surge your body. When you come out of the activity and feel successful with your efforts, you will send feel good chemicals to your brain that make you feel happy. 

    Undertaking an activity you are not comfortable with takes courage. To have support or feel there is the obligation to undertake a request from a senior at work or friend will assist in you coming outside of your comfort zone. To self-guide your way there takes will-power, but it is a vital ingredient in feeling fulfilled. 

    To understand how to have and keep a positive mindset has taken years of exploring the subconscious, picking apart patterns of behaviour, negative traits and undertaking practical tasks to influence everyday life. The recipe to success is a continuous journey and balancing act but the knowledge and skills can be easily transferred to you helping your inner happiness appear sooner. 

    This course will take you on a journey through self-discovery and bring you in touch with your feelings. This guide, whichever amount of support you choose, will give you want you need to understand deep rooted emotional issues and the tools to clear the path for a positive mindset.

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'I have been coming to see Sarah for a while now and have seen great physical benefits.

She is highly skilled and has helped keep my mind and body in balance.' Rupi Jillard

Clients Comments

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