Herbal Medicine

Holisic medicine available from Active Balance Croxley

As a holistic health practice Active Balance offers herbal medicine by Evergreen to help get to the root of chronic pain and internal dysfunction.


Evergreen ensures the delivery of the safest and highest quality products by making sure their herbs pass on 15 different tests before reaching the supplier. They support farmers that follow Good Agricultrual Practices (GAP) to ensure sustainable farming and comply to the US Pharmacopoeia and the World Health Organisation (WHO) standards producing the highest quality Chinese herbs. Using their on-site lab Evergreen test against each heavy metal: arsenic, cadmium, lead and mercury and are confident their herbs are safe from pollutants, insecticides, fungicides, herbicides and pesticides.


Test your products by tasting it. Gritty texture may indicate a high concentration of sand, fibre and foreign substances. If it has an unusually sweet taste, or if the mixture feels sticky on your fingers, then there is a high possibility that the finished product consists mostly of sugar. If the herb appears dark and has a burnt or overly bitter taste, it is over-cooked and the active ingredients may have been destroyed. Watch out for companies processing procedures that incorporate alcohol (up to 30% by weight) in tincture as this may alter the action of the herbs and create unwanted side effects. Alcohol creates heat and adversely increases blood circulation. If you are unsure on the quality of your product request for the laboratory documentation, such as a certificate of analysis (COA), to check the potency and safety of the herbal formula.


Active Balance believes in Evergreen, not only because they have tried and tested the products, but also because they go the extra mile to ensure authenticity, by using electron microscopy to examine the cellular structure of the herb. The cellular structure of each herb is unique, much like a fingerprint. While many companies do not do this test, Evergreen consider it absolutely necessary to verify and ensure authenticity and quality.