Alternative Therapies From Active Balance

Spine & joint correction with acupressure.

Spine and joint correction croxley acupuncture

The spine is the most important part of your skeletal system, look after this and the rest should take care of its self. In this day and age, however, when we spend most of our time looking down at our phones, slouching at our desk and sitting incorrectly, there is no surprise that we are having problems with our body, combine this with a 'poor' diet and you have signed yourself up for a day of pain.

But do not worry. We are here to help.

With controlled movements, manipulation and corrections we work on moving the blood and fluid in your body to reduce your pain or tension. As holistic practitioners we must take care of the whole body, which means we give the head, pelvis, feet and spine individual attention, also working with acupressure and the meridians lines to give you the best sustainable balance.

As Japanese Integrated Medicine Practitioners we work on changing your symptoms and will only use natural medicine to get to the root of your problem. After only one session with us, you should feel and notice a difference, (click here to see our comments page) taking on board our nutritional advice, specific to you, we stand a better chance at keeping your symptoms reduced.