Treatment Plans

Holisic medicine available from Active Balance Croxley

Please find your condition following the alphabetical list below.

As everyone is an individual, even though the time period is based on experience, the recovery time will fluctuate according to each case. 

The first treatment will give Sarah the opportunity to gauge the severity of your condition which will allow her to give you a specific treatment according to your wishes. 

Incorporating recommendations into your lifestyle will assist your recovery.

Many clients have continued coming for treatments according to their personal to maintain their overall wellbeing. 

All conditions have the choice to be supplemented with herbal medicine which will speed up your recovery. Depending on the condition of your body you can start taking them straight away or you may have to wait until you've had a few treatments. 

It is advisable to have one treatment a week during your treatment plan. 

Arthritis: 6-10 treatments 

Asthma/wheezing: 6-12 treatments

Boosting your immune system: 3 treatments then 1 treatment a month for 3 months 

Carpal Tunnel: 1-8 treatments 

Eczema: 8-12 treatments 

Endometriosis: 10-12 treatments 

Fatigue: 3-6 treatments 

Frozen Shoulder: 6-10 treatments 

Headaches: 3-8 treatments 

IBS: 1-3 treatments 

Insomnia: 1-6 treatments 

Knee Pain: 1-6 treatments

Lower back pain: 1-5 treatments 

Neck stiffness: 1-3 treatments 

Osteoarthritis: 6-10 treatments 

Period Pain: 3 treatments. The  1 treatment the week before you start your bleed. Repeat once a month for 3 months. 

Plantar Fasciitis: 1-8 treatments

Psoriasis: 1-6 treatments 

Menstrual cycle regulation: 4 treatments. Then 1 treatment every months for 3 months. 

Sciatica: 1-3 treatments 

Tendinitis: 4-10 treatments 

Tennis Elbow: 3-6 treatments

UTI (Urinary Tract Infection): 3-6 treatments 

TMJ (Temporomandibular joint): 1-4 treatments

Sore throat / tonsillitis: 1-3 treatments 

Stress: 3-8 treatments